Family Glamping Holidays

There’s something very rewarding about waking up to birdsong and the morning light peeking through tent canvas. But with all the idyllic parts of camping come the challenges: you’re sleeping on the floor, the tent’s not tall enough to stand up in, and there’s nowhere to charge the little one’s iPad.

If you’re looking for a more glamorous way to sleep under canvas — why not try a glamping holiday?

“Glamping” is, quite literally, glamorous camping. Accomodation styles vary depending on where you stay, but there’s almost always enough space to stand up, store your clothes, charge your devices and sleep on a mattress. 

Sound good? Let’s jump into the details...

Family glamping trips: the pros

Glamping does away with all the faff and discomfort of regular camping. Arrive at your spacious, pre-pitched accommodation and let the adventure begin! Spend your days exploring the great outdoors and later drift off to sleep on a comfortable, real bed.

And kids love glamping. Even teens can’t help but get a little excited staying in unique and unusual glamping set-ups (particularly as they’ll be able to SnapChat the whole thing if they want to).

Family glamping trips: the cons

While glamping is more luxurious than camping, you won’t have the facilities you’d expect at a holiday park or in a hotel room. You’ll probably be using the communal shower block and cooking on a fire pit — although there’s likely to be a small icebox to keep your beers chilled during the day.

And, as with camping, glamping is arguably a fair weather pursuit; a week of rain could really spoil your fun. If you’re looking to glamp during off-season, find a site near(ish) a town or at least a welcoming, local pub. That way, should the weather really turn against you, there’s somewhere you can warm up and get fed.

Who would enjoy a family glamping holiday?

Glamping is perfect for families who want to combine nature, luxury and affordability.

Pick the right site and you’ll have easy access to adventure activities and beautiful countryside. Nature trails, marshmallow toasting and stargazing await!

Glamping is also a fantastic stepping stone between a holiday park, lodge or cottage and the real-deal tent life. Fancy a camping trip in the near future? Try glamping first, to test the water.

A quick guide to your glamping accommodation options

Glamping accommodation comes in many different shapes and sizes. Shipping containers, circus wagons and double decker buses have all been converted into original glamping options around the UK.

However, you’re much more likely to come across one of the following accommodation types:  

Glamping pod

A glamping pod is a little wooden hut. Some pods are super compact, with just enough room for a bed and your belongings. Others offer a little more luxury, with en-suite facilities.


A yurt is a big, round fabric tent, traditionally associated with the nomads of Mongolia. Yurts are spacious and cosy, and often have a wood burning stove inside — toasty!


A wigwam is a cone shaped, canvas covered tent. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colours, so there’s something for every size of family. Wigwams also tend to be made of slightly thicker fabric than yurts, so if you tend to feel the cold (or you’re holidaying in chillier months), they’re a good option to look for.


Cut straight out of your childhood dreams, glamping treehouses are often made from wood and built above the ground. The most impressive versions sit high up in forest canopies and can only be accessed by ladder.

The best time of year to go glamping

A family glamping holiday is most fun in good weather, which makes it a popular option during the summer holidays.

If you’re planning to glamp in spring or autumn, you need to think more carefully about location. The south of England and southern Europe promise the warmest, driest weather during these seasons.

Where to go glamping

Exciting glamping options can be found all across the UK, Europe and even further afield; in remote countryside, in national parks and along pristine stretches of coastline. There are also glamping sites located close to towns and cities.

Make your choice based upon location, site facilities or the glamping accommodation on offer — it’s up to you.

How much does a family glamping holiday cost?

A family glamping holiday costs more than a camping trip. This is because accommodation, electricity and bedding are all usually provided.

However, glamping is cheaper than a holiday park or hotel break. Glamping accommodation is luxurious in comparison to a standard tent but it’s still often fairly basic. For instance, most glamping accommodation won’t offer en-suite facilities.  

Glamping FAQs

What is glamping?

Glamping is a form of luxury camping. Accommodation is pre-pitched or pre-built and usually features a real bed and electrical supply.

What are the best things about a family glamping holiday?

Glamping allows you to enjoy the great outdoors without the potential discomfort of camping. It’s also an original and affordable holiday option — and one you’ll remember for years to come.

What should I pack for a family glamping holiday?

The basics are all provided on a family glamping trip. You don’t need to take a tent and you probably don’t need cooking equipment, bedding or towels either — that’s worth double checking with your host before you leave home, though.

Pack toiletries, warm layers for chilly evenings and the right gear for whatever outdoor adventures you have planned.

Is glamping good for teenagers?

Teenagers will love the novelty of staying in wild and wacky accommodation and (compared to camping) it’s much easier for them to stay connected to their friends back home.

Is glamping good for toddlers?

On a family glamping holiday, toddlers get to explore the great outdoors. And as glamping accommodation is more spacious than a standard tent, there’s plenty of room for all those toddler essentials you’ll be taking with you.


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