Camping in Corsica

Corsica Camping Holidays

Corsica is France’s idyllic island in the Mediterranean Sea, located west of Italy, southeast of France and north of Sardinia. Corsica is a fairly mountainous island with wonderful scenery and renowned beaches. In fact, some describe the beaches as comparable with those in the Caribbean!

Corsica is a wonderful location for families and camping holidays, with plenty of safe beaches and great activities to keep everyone entertained. It’s a really family friendly culture, with Corsican families eating out together late into the evening. This beautiful island is a perfect location for your next holiday.

Getting to Corsica

A variety of airlines fly to Corsica with Easyjet, Flybe and Air France offering the cheapest options.

Things to do while you’re camping in Corsica

Corsica is overflowing with beautiful beaches that are perfect for little ones. Palmombaggia is a stunning white sand beach surrounded by pine trees, with plenty of shallow water and restaurants lining the shore. Santa Giulia offers a perfect horseshoe bay complete with a patrolling lifeguard and the opportunity to hire pedalos for a potter round the bay. Or try La Tonnara for an unspoilt location with a small beach restaurant that serves huge pizzas!

The town of Porto Vecchio offers gorgeous beaches, stunning mountain views and cobbled streets. You can pick up a kids trail ‘treasure hunt’ from the tourist office and make sure to visit The Porte Genoise (Genoise Gate) for the spectacular panoramic views of the harbour. You can take a variety of boat trips from the marina or hop on the mini train that travels up into the old town.

Animal loving youngsters will adore the A Cupulatta Tortoise Sanctuary – home to over 170 different species of tortoise and turtle breeds. There’s even a special nursery where you can see the newborn babies. At Porto is the small Aquarium de la Poudriere with around 150 native species, and a perfect cool spot to spend a few hours out of the sun.

For more adventurous families, why not try the Treetop Trail which is suitable for ages 3+? Or try a short coastal or day trip boat tour around the Corsican coast, with stop-offs at secluded coves.

Recommended Campsites in Corsica